Organogenesis is a critical stage of embryonic development that establishes the organ systems necessary to sustain vertebrate life. Disrupting normal organ development leads to congenital abnormalities and diseases. In the Farmer lab, we aim to decipher the inter-cellular and intra-cellular mechanisms that drive craniofacial development. We investigate the tissue interactions and gene regulatory networks that establish and maintain skeletal progenitors during embryonic and postnatal development. By dissecting the mechanisms that control craniofacial development, we hope to inform new therapies and interventions that improve outcomes for patients with craniofacial anomalies.

Six2 traced cells (green) in a P7 mouse skull.  Bone labeled by Alizarin Red (magenta).

Alizarin Red stain of juvenile (top) and adult (bottom) zebrafish.

Our Science Philosophy 

We believe that science is done best when we appreciate what everyone’s unique identities, experiences, and circumstances bring to the table. We strive to create a welcoming environment that promotes diversity, equity, and empathy across all identities. We collaborate, share, and engage on a daily basis. We respect each other and challenge one another to become critical, considerate and well-rounded scientists.