Join us

Research in the Farmer lab is driven by trainees, and we aim to foster an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Trainees interested in developmental biology, molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics are welcome!


Postdoc positions are available in the Farmer lab. Molecular biology skills are welcomed, and previous research with animal models is encouraged. Please email D’Juan with your CV, three references, and your contact information if interested.

Graduate students

We are a student friendly lab, and graduate students excited by questions about developmental, skeletal or stem cell biology are welcome to join the Farmer lab. Please contact D’Juan to discuss rotation projects and scheduling.

Undergraduate students

We welcome motivated and dedicated undergraduates who wish to explore exciting developmental biology questions. We encourage undergraduates to take formalized approach to research (ie SRP99) when possible to help ensure independence and to maximize the training experience. Please email D’Juan for research opportunities.

Trainees from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM are welcome in the Farmer lab and encouraged to apply.